Water and environment

Microbiome Analysis Collected from Soil, Sludge or Water


StarSEQ offers microbiome analysis collected from diverse water and environmental habitats that contain highly diverse microbial communities. NGS based microbiome analysis offers a cost efficient technology to a wide range of applications: biogas plants, waterworks, sewage treatment plant, industrial sewage, soil fertilization, fountains, fish farming and monitoring of rivers and lakes.

  • Experimental design that fits your needs and budget best
  • Strong experience in DNA preparation from difficult environmental and liquid samples
  • Downstream data analysis and interpretation
  • Analysis of different bacteria and fungi in one analysis

  • Identification of non-cultivable or low counting microorganisms
  • Determinatiom of the relative abundance of microorganisms
  • Screening of complex microbial communities within a short time
  • Control of the microbial flora

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