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Bioinformatic Services


  • De novo assembly of genomes and transcriptomes
  • Mapping to reference genomes and evaluation of variants (SNPs, indels, copy number variations and structural variations)
  • Data analysis for Exome Enrichment with detection of genome-wide copy number changes, copy-neutral LOH, SNPs and indels
  • Gene expression analysis with read mapping and RPKM/FPKM estimation
  • Differential expression analysis of novel and reference transcripts
  • Alignment of small RNAs to reference database and pairwise differential expression analysis
  • Microbiome data analysis for 16S (V4, V4-V5) and ITS samples
  • Microbiome data analysis by whole genome shotgun assembly
  • SRST2 analysis for presence of STs from an MLST database and/or reference genes from a database of sequences for virulence genes, resistance genes and plasmid replicons

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