Food testing

Sequencing analysis of foods, food mixtures and spices


Analysis of complex food mixtures using All-Food-Seq (AFS)* and Kraken2**.

– Isolation of gDNA from a wide range of foods and food mixtures

– Sequencing library construction

– Sequencing using Illumina NextSeq 2000

– Bioinformatic analysis of sequence data using the All-Food-Seq pipeline

– Report


Please note that due to matrix effects a quantitative statement about the composition of mixtures is only possible to a limited extent. Please contact us for an individual offer.



*Ripp F, Krombholz CF, Liu Y, Weber M, Schäfer A, Schmit B, Köppel R, Hankeln T (2014): All-Food-Seq (AFS): a quantifiable screen for species in biological samples by deep DNA sequencing. BMC Genomics, doi:

*Liu Y, Ripp F, Koeppel R, et al (2017) AFS: identification and quantification of species composition by metagenomic sequencing. Bioinformatics 33:btw822.


** Wood DE, Salzberg SL. Kraken: ultrafast metagenomic sequence classification using exact alignments. Genome Biology 2014, 15:R46.

Microbiome and Metagenome Analysis – analyze and optimize your food production and development


StarSEQ is specialized in microbiome and metagenome analysis for food and liquid samples. We offer complete solutions based on 16S (for bacteria) and/or ITS (for fungi) microbiome and shotgun metagenomic sequencing and analysis for taxonomic classification and determine relative frequencies.

  • Experimental design that best fits your needs and budget
  • Strong experience in DNA preparation from difficult samples
  • Downstream data analysis and interpretation
  • Analysis of different bacteria and fungi down to species in one analysis
  • Identification of bacteria, archaea, virus, fungi and eukaryotes in one shot
  • Identification of non-cultivable or low counting microorganisms
  • Determiation of the relative abundance of microorganisms
  • Screening of complex microbial communities within a short time
  • Control of the microbial flora
  • Identification of foodstuff and liquids contamination

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