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Taken over the operative business of GENterprise GmbH


We are delighted to inform you that backdated to 1 January, 2014, StarSEQ GmbH has taken over the operative business of GENterprise GmbH.

GENterprise Genomics is now a StarSEQ GmbH brand. As a result of the takeover of additional fields of business, StarSEQ GmbH has broadened its services to encompass molecular biology, biotechnology and diagnostics.

The integration of GENterprise Genomics’ portfolio into StarSEQ GmbH’s existing business areas provides an optimal extension of the services offered by StarSEQ GmbH. As legal successor, StarSEQ GmbH assumes all rights and responsibilities associated with the operative business of GENterprise GmbH. All contracts maintain their validity. We are very pleased to continue offering you high-value DNA and RNA research and services!

History of StarSEQ:


StarSEQ was founded 2008 as a “spin off” enterprise of GENterprise Genomics. The business of StarSEQ was first focused on a streamlined online Sanger sequencing service. This service was unrevaled within Europe and offered an ideal alternative for experienced scientists who do not need any expert assistance or support in interpreting their sequencing results.


In 2010 StarSEQ started offering Next Generation Sequencing service on Roche’s 454 platform


Starting in 2012 StarSEQ expanded its business for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) offering a MiSeq sequencing service with strong focus on cancer panel, custom enrichment, amplicon sequencing, metagenomics and whole genome sequencing (WGS) of bacterial genomes.


In 2014 StarSEQ completed its Next Generation Sequencing service by offering sequencing on Illumina’s™ NextSeq 500 platform as the first company in Europe. The NGS library preparation service was broadened to all types of libraries.


At the end of 2014 StarSEQ decided to taken over the operative business of GENterprise Genomics and in 2015 the new portfolio was integrated into the current business of StarSEQ.

History of GENterprise Genomics:


GENterprise was a research and service oriented “spin off” enterprise of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.
Although founded only in March 1998, GENterprise united a considerable measure of technical competence. The founders of the company had decades of experience in nucleic acid analysis. Their experience ranged from the first gene technological applications of the mid-1970s to the decoding and characterization of genes with the most modern high throughput technology in the framework of genome projects.

GENterprise offered complete service in the analysis of genetic material. The main prioritiy was orientation towards customers and a careful advisory service.

The staff of GENterprise had offered manifold services in all spheres of molecular biology to institutes and clinics in the Mainz area as part of their earlier activities for the university.

As a natural development of this connection, the clientele of the company was at first local and regional. Later, GENterprise acquired important clients throughout Europe, among them giants of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

As well as the service branch of the company, employees of GENterprise took part in research and development projects in genomics. The goal here was to develop a proprietary collection of novel genes which promise a relationship to human illness or economic importance in animal and plant model organisms.

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