Life Science/

PCR Service

StarSEQ offers a broad spectrum

of PCR services:



  • high and low throughput DNA extraction from diverse tissue types (click here to find out more)
  • Porting and validation of customer PCR protocols
  • Carrying out of high and low throughput PCR and RT-PCR amplification using high-quality PCR cyclers from FisherScientific™ and Biometra™
  • Low throughput PCR clean up service (enzymatic, magnetic or column)
  • High throughput automated PCR clean up service with magnetic beads using Biomek NXp robotic system (Beckman Coulter™)
  • PCR product analysis with high throughput multi capillary gel electrophoresis system Qiaxcel (Qiagen™)
  • PCR fragment isolation from classic gel electrophoresis
  • Sequencing of PCR products with 3730 DNA Analyzer (Fisher Scientific™)


Additionally we can offer you a PCR assay validation and development service. Do not waste your time with unsuccessful attempts. We have over 15 years of experience in developing high reliable PCR assays.