“All in One Microbiome” Package, 10 Samples



High Throughput Amplicon Generation, Sequencing and Analysis for 10 Samples


Chose your option for Amplicon sequencing:


Bacterial microbiome analysis:
16S, V4 region, Primer combination: 515F – 806bR


Fungal microbiome analysis:
ITS, ITS 1 region, Primer combination: ITS1F – ITS2


Send us your gDNA samples and make use of our “All in One” Service:


  • Quality control
  • Single step amplicon generation with reduced bias
  • Double indexing, quality check, quantification, normalization and pooling of amplicons
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing: 2 x 250 nt paired-end sequencing with V2 chemistry nano flow cell limited to V4 region
  • Output: 700 K reads (including 25 % PhiX to balance the composition of bases)
  • De-multiplexing of reads
  • Free 16S metagenomics analysis (Illumina App)
  • Data delivery via FTP server