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Service includes:


  • Quality and quantity check of total RNA
  • mRNA isolation from total RNA starting from 1 sample
  • NEBNext® Ultra™ II Directional RNA library preparation
  • Quantification and QC of library
  • Sequencing of 2 x 150 nt with Illumina NextSeq 2000™
  • Bioinformatic data analysis 1: RNA-Seq Alignment to reference genomes* (STAR aligner, DRAGEN)
  • Data delivery of FASTQ files via download



  • 25 mio PE reads** (2 x 150 nt, 3,75 Gb) for only 305.50 €/sample
  • 50 mio PE reads** (2 x 150 nt, 7.5 Gb) for only 401,- €/sample
  • 75 mio PE reads** (2 x 150 nt, 11,25 Gb) for only 496.50 €/sample
  • 100 mio PE reads** (2 x 150 nt, 15 Gb) for only 592,- €/sample



  • Bioinformatic data analysis 2: Pairwise comparison to identify differentially regulated genes with DESeq2 workflow from 120,- €/comparison
  • Bioinformatic data analysis 3: RNA-Seq Alignment to non-standard genomes (HISAT2, StringTie) from 100,- €/sample
  • Bioinformatic data analysis 4: Differential expression of novel and reference transcripts with Ballgown workflow from 120 €/sample
  • rRNA depletion: starting from 100,- €/sample


*Available reference genomes include:

H. sapiens hg19, H. sapiens GRCh38Decoy, M. musculus mm10, M. musculus UCSC mm9, R. norvegicus rn5, D. melanogaster dm3, B. taurus bosTau6, S. scrofa susScr3, G. gallus galGal4, D. rerio danRer7, C. elegans ce10, Z. mays AGPv3, A. thaliana TAIR10, O. sativa japonica IRGSP-1.0, S. cerevisiae R64-1-1


**depending on the nature of starting material and according to Illumina specifications the data output can vary 5-10%

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