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Metagenome Analysis

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing


Identifies Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi and Eukaryotes in one shot


• Quantification of gDNA
• DNA sequencing library preparation using Agilent SureSelect® QXT/NEBNext® Ultra™ II FS DNA Library Prep
• Only 50 ng of gDNA required
• Sequencing preparation tagged with barcoded adapters for multiplexing
• Size selection to a major fragment size of 200-800 bp
• Library check
• Sequencing / 150 nt / PE / 25 mio reads / 3.75 Gb
• Paired-end sequencing, read length 150 nt, Next Seq 500TM
• Sequencing preparation
• Qubit/dilution
• Data storage and conversion
• Index managemt and de-multiplexing
• Data delivery via download


Price for 1-4 samples : 580,- €/sample
Price for 5-9 samples: 550,- €/sample
Price from 10 samples: 470,- €/sample

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Microbial DNA preparation service from various starting material:


StarSEQ has long term and advanced knowledge in extracting DNA from a wide range of starting material. We adjust varied DNA extraction protocols, kits and bead mill grinding to meet the individual demands of any project. We are using the most advanced tissue homogenizer from Bertin (Precellys Evolution and Minilys) for optimal adapted sample preparation.

Our experience covers almost all kind of genetic material:


• All kind of tissues and blood

• Swabs from skin and other surfaces

• Fecal samples

• Saliva samples

• Soil and sludge

• Sediments

• Water and liquids

• Air filter

• Biofilms

• Nutriments


Starting from 18€/sample

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